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My name is Lenna, I am an illustrator based between Toulouse (France)

and Leipzig (Germany).

I am an illustrator engaged in social and environmental struggles. My aim is to raise awareness and communicate about inequalities to both young and older audiences through illustrations filled with rebellion, love, and tenderness.

My services:

I support your projects, help them mature, and for that, my work takes several forms:

       Illustrations for children's books

With sensitivity, an appeal to make serious subjects lighter, in order to sensitize young people in a clever and gentle way.

       Illustrations for book covers, articles, websites

I will convey your message with a touch of color and softness.

       Information popularization

With a background as a visual facilitator and a passion for serious but important topics (emotional, political, environmental...), I will make your information accessible to everyone.

       Illustrations for board games

Reinterpretations of classics with twists, new games for laughter, exchange, and reflection...



I accompany children and adults in expressing a creativity that is more or less buried, introducing them to new media, styles... all while using art to communicate, exchange, reflect, and flourish.

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